Sunday, June 14, 2009

June News...

Well, we are getting closer... construction of the strawbale house is in sight.  Today's great score - a barn full of used wood, enough for all the framing and, we think, decking too... for USD $550.  This is exactly what we were hoping for, and Cory is very excited.  

We also bought a vehicle, thanks to Susan (Cory's sister in law) who happened to see it sitting in a farmer's field.  It's a 1999 chevy blazer SUV, and though perhaps not the most eco or expense friendly vehicle, I am very glad we went for a 4 wheel drive.  If you've seen our driveway and site, you'll understand.  It's not exactly level or mud-free yet.  

I (Carrie) accidentally adopted a new family member.  I had set out to buy plants (seedlings) for the garden, and came back with no plants, but one little dog.  Whoops.  I was strongly against having anything more than chickens to look after this year, knowing I would be running after two little kids - keeping them out of the lake, the poison ivy, poison oak, chigger (invisible itchy mite) and tick infested forest, etc.  But after going to the Amish greenhouse to get my plants without cash or cheques (a ridiculous oversight I realise now - they don't use electricity, why would they have ATM or credit card facilities??!!), I stopped at a garage sale, and though not interested in anything they had for sale, saw this sweet wee thing who seemed to have been dumped on the highway near there, 2 weeks before.  She instantly captured my heart and I brought her home with me.  Though we have attempted calling her various names, ('Dingo' being my favorite), 'Goldie' is what she responds to.  Our daughter Bethen also keeps saying, "No mommy, her name is just Goldie" whenever I try something else.  Perhaps a miniature pincher/chiwawa cross, she is adorable and has instantly become a part of our family and community.