Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Making a hot tub

I keep getting side tracked with little side projects. Now I am making
a hot tub like the Dutch tub. Both straight tubes go into a claw foot
tub. You build a fire inside the coil. Hot water rises, pushing hot
water out the top and pulling cool water in through the bottom. A
green, wood burning hot tub!
I will post more pictures when it's finished.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My DIY geothermal AC

For a winter project I started building a homemade geothermal air
conditioner. Our house is located only 20 feet from our lake. The
temperature of the water at 15 feet is 55 degres even in the summer. I
bought a radiator core from an old ac unit and soldered on some 1"
Hose fittings. You simply pump cold water from the lake, through the
radiator and straight back into the lake. A box fan placed behind the
radiator blows the cold from the radiator into our house. A nice green
and cheap way to cool your house. The only running cost is the fan and
electric pump. This thing is effective but ugly so I gutted an antique
radio we got last summer. The whole unit fits perfectly inside the
radio. My brother is going to wire it for me so when you turn the knob
the pump, fan, and radio lights come on!

We have a roof!

After a few nice days of weather in the 70's and the help of some good friends, we finally finished the roof. We are off to Canada for three weeks, and when we come back it's time to put the bales in! I will post more info soon on when the wall raising party will be.