Friday, September 3, 2010

East wall covered

The first coat of plaster is over the east wall now. It went a lot
faster than expected. It only took two people, two days to cover. I'm
preparing the last ( south) wall while letting the east wall dry
another day before it gets it's final coat of plaster. The North wall
looks great. There was no cracking. It is always in the shade and I
sprayed it with water offer to dry it out slowly. The west wall has
some cracks. With that wall we experimented with leaving out the weate
paste. We also forgot to cover it with tarps and didn't spray it as
often as we should. There are lots of variables, but I'm trying to get
the east wall looking as good as the north. I am using wheat paste,
shading, and spraying often to prevent cracking. I can easily fix the
cracks on the west wall, it just takes more of my time.

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