Wednesday, September 15, 2010

South wall

Here are a couple of pictures of the South wall ( lake side ). It is
the final wall for outside plastering. The bottom picture is the East
wall finished. I think all the outside plastering could possibly be
completed in two days. We have two weeks left of our holiday to button
up the outside of the house and pack for our move to Vancouver Canada.
I am returning to work after an awesome one and a half years off. I
will work on the inside of the house on holidays and whenever I get a
chance. As long as it's done by retirement! Actually, I'll have plenty
of time to finish it up during retirement too:)
I finally found a source for the lime plaster I need to cover the
earth plaster on the outside. I don't think I will have time to apply
it before we leave. I will return in the spring for that task. I Also
put in all the locksets for the three doors this week. It's not just a
pile of straw anymore, we can actually lock the house.
Here is the super cool thing about building an alternative, or
experimental house in Indiana. There are no building codes or
inspections if you do all the work yourself. If there is one small
part that requires profesional help, that part will have to meet
inspection to protect the profesional doing the work. Anything done by
the owner does not need a permit. We have done everything ourselves. I
put it to the test this week. I called about insuring my house. They
came out, took a few pictures and got back with me with a quote. There
was no problem, fantastic!

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